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Editor's e-Note
Today’s job seekers often look for benefits beyond good salary and health insurance, including job flexibility, the assurance that the organization they are working for has a sense of purpose and social responsibility, and perhaps most important, the opportunity for personal and professional development. However, professional development cannot happen when employees don’t stay long enough to establish roots. Turnover, especially in social services, is an issue explored in this month’s E-News Exclusive—what is driving it, and some possible solutions. Read about why professional development may not be happening in many social service organizations as much as potential employees would like and why turnover is a factor affecting it.

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— Marianne Mallon, editor
e-News Exclusive
Turnover Stymies Professional Development
By Sue Coyle, MSW

Turnover—the rate at which employees leave and are replaced at an organization—is an aspect of business with deep impact, particularly in the social work field. For one, it can negatively affect the services clients are offered, seek, and engage in.

“In order to help more children, families, and young people in more locations, we are constantly looking to hire, train, and retain quality staff. We also promote mostly from within and need to bring on new frontline staff as others move to management positions,” says Kristen Farmer, recruiting manager at Youth Villages, a private nonprofit that works to help emotionally and behaviorally troubled children and their families. “The therapeutic relationships built between counselors and children and families are vital to our ability to provide effective services, and turnover directly impacts that.”

It also affects an employee’s access to professional development. As Farmer notes, Youth Villages and many organizations like it attempt to promote from within when possible and appropriate. “We’re constantly preparing the next generation of leaders,” she says. “We strive to give entry-level employees the support and structure they need to grow into leadership positions.”

This, however, is impossible if entry-level employees don’t stay long enough to benefit and if managers are stretched thin by openings. “Our leadership team picks up the slack if there’s a gap in frontline staff,” Farmer adds. “That affects how much time they can give to supporting the people they supervise. It can affect the amount of professional development that goes on when staff is in transition.”

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