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Editor's e-Note
One of the more recent revelations in health care research is the finding of substance misuse, specifically alcohol among older adults. Researchers are beginning to explore this area, and this month’s E-News Exclusive reports on some surprising findings, gaps in treatment, and areas where social workers can intervene.

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— Marianne Mallon, editor
e-News Exclusive
Filling Efficacy Gaps in Older Adult Alcohol Use and Treatment Research
By Sue Coyle, MSW

Discussions of health tend to focus on the physical. Mental health only comes into play when that key word is added, and substance use is often a completely separate topic. In fact, only recently has society begun to seriously consider substance use a health issue.

As a result, services are more likely to be delivered in silos, with individuals seeking and receiving separate care for each concern—even when those concerns are overlapping. There are, of course, exceptions, but exceptions are not the norm.

Additionally, many treatment models and other services may be delivered to the individual but are designed for the general population—a population that is anything but uniform. This creates efficacy gaps for certain groups. Clients are done a disservice; the best possible care may not be offered or provided to all.

Fortunately, professionals throughout all health fields, including social work, are establishing where these gaps exist and what can be done to offer more coordinated inclusive care.

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Tech & Tools
New Technology Aims to Provide Peace and Positive Stimulation to Dementia Patients

Many people living with dementia reside in long term care facilities, where the lack of stimulation can result in behaviors such as hitting, screaming, and wandering. Common measures to avoid such “responsive” behaviors, such as antipsychotic medications and personalized recreational and music therapy programs, can cause adverse health effects in the former case and be difficult for staff to find time to carry out in the latter case.

A team of human factors/ergonomics researchers helped to evaluate and refine “Ambient Activity” (AA) interactive tools designed to augment existing programs and activities by alleviating boredom and increasing engagement.

The team evaluating the effectiveness of AA units for managing behavior in people with dementia is being led by Andrea Wilkinson, PhD, a postdoctoral research fellow in mechanical and industrial engineering at the University of Toronto. The work was recently presented at the 2017 International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care, held in March in New Orleans. “Ambient Activity Technologies for Managing Responsive Behaviors in Dementia” was recently published in the online proceedings of the symposium.

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Other News
New Study Shows High Numbers of People With Anxiety, Depression Taking Pain Medication
The Washington Post reports a new study suggests people with anxiety and depression are taking a disproportionate share of prescription pain medication.

Peer Counselors Support People With Serious Mental Illness in Texas
According to NPR, peer counselors for people in Texas with serious mental illness are becoming more common in places where mental health professionals are in short supply.

College Athletes Advocate to Fight Stigma of Mental Illness
USA TODAY reports some college students, including student athletes, are helping to change the way campuses view and talk about mental illness, with a focus on ending the associated stigmas.

California Psychotherapist Runs With Clients During Sessions
According to the Los Angeles Times, a California psychotherapist is one of several around the world who runs with clients during sessions. She says it is especially helpful to those who find it hard to tolerate sitting in a room.
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