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Editor's e-Note
Despite continuing inequities between men and women, slowly but surely the gender economic and social gap is shrinking. Women are catching up with men in many ways. Unfortunately, another gap that is also closing is the inequality in rates of alcohol misuse. This month’s E-Exclusive describes how alcohol misuse has changed in women over the years, how alcohol affects women differently than men, and how it is impacting women now.

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— Marianne Mallon, editor
e-News Exclusive
Women and Alcohol — New Data, New Trends
Kimberley La Farge Berlin, LCSW, CSAC, SAP

In April 2018, one of the largest meta-studies of the effects of alcohol on the cardiovascular system was published in The Lancet (Wood et al., 2018). It drew a research line in the sand not previously discussed: Alcohol is unsafe and lower limits of consumption need to be considered in future public health guidelines.

Two months prior to the release of the Lancet research, investigative reporters from The New York Times released a stunning revelation: Scientists and researchers at the National Institutes of Health had obtained funding from the alcohol industry for research that would support the recommendation of a “daily alcoholic drink as part of a healthy lifestyle” (Rabin, 2018).

The guidance we have heard for years about the safety of alcohol consumption is in fact, far from the truth.

This has particularly impacted women. For decades, research into the effects of alcohol was generalized to the female population overlooking issues unique to women.

One of the top researchers of women and alcohol is Sharon C. Wilsnack, PhD. Wilsnack is a professor in the department of clinical neuroscience at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Grand Forks, ND.

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Tech & Tools
Squashing Cyberbullying: New Approach Is Fast, Accurate

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) have designed a new technique for spotting nasty personal attacks on social media networks such as Instagram.

The new approach, developed by CU Boulder’s CyberSafety Research Center, combines several different computing tools to scan massive amounts of social media data, sending alerts to parents or network administrators that abuse has occurred.

It’s rocket fast, too: In recently published research, the group reported that their approach uses five times less computing resources than existing tools. That’s efficient enough to monitor a network the size of Instagram for a modest investment in server power, says study coauthor Richard Han, PhD, an associate professor in the department of computer science.

“The response of the social media networks to fake news has recently started to uptick, even though it took grave consequences to reach that point,” Han says. “The response needs to be just as strong for cyberbullying.”

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