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November/December 2017 Issue


Climate Change and Public Health — How Social Workers Can Advocate for Environmental Justice
Social Work Today talks with social workers about the clear and present danger of climate change, how it impacts public health, and how social workers can advocate for environmental justice.

Formerly Incarcerated Individuals and the Challenges of Reentry
Housing, employment, trying not to reoffend, and facing the stigma of being an ex-offender all await previously incarcerated individuals reentering the free world. How can social workers help?

Hospice Social Work in Nursing Homes
Designed for restorative care, nursing homes are often unprepared to meets the needs of dying patients and their families. However, hospice social workers can help fill that gap.

Working With Adoptive Parents — Missteps and Guidelines
Adoptive parents face many special challenges. A clinician specializing in adoption issues discusses how social workers can counsel on those issues.


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Advancing Trauma-Informed Approaches and Resilience