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July/August 2017 Issue


New Technology Standards Guide Social Work Practice and Education
Revised standards help social workers and students navigate the brave new world of tweets and texts.

International Experiences Promote Social Justice and Benefit Your Practice
The NASW International Committee encourages social workers to have an international experience to open their eyes to other cultures and inform their practice.

Family-Based Treatment of Adolescents With Eating Disorders
Clinicians working with adolescents with eating disorders have found this first-line treatment to be effective in avoiding hospitalization and averting a progressive chronic illness.

Helping Caregivers Foster Secure Attachment in Young Children
Innovative and evidence based, this intervention is helping social workers who work with young children with attachment issues.


Editor's Note
Technology Tune-Up

Children and Families Forum
Trauma's Emotional Toll Disrupts Children's Sense of Competence

Technology Trends
The Benefits of Digital Journaling

Eye on Ethics
Preventing Conflicts of Interest 

Behavioral Health Brief
Psychedelic Help

Health Care Review
Coping With Invisible Diseases