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July/August 2018 Issue


Medication-Assisted Treatment — Tool Tackling Opioid Crisis Faces Stigma, Other Barriers
Medication-assisted treatment is an important advance in battling the opioid epidemic, but it still faces outdated attitudes and other obstacles such as limited insurance coverage and lack of understanding and education.

The Neurobiology of Eating Disorders
New brain research expands understanding of the neurobiology of eating disorders and may open doors to better treatments.

Integrated Care Models That Work
Read about several successful programs bringing behavioral health into primary care and what makes them work.

Psychostimulant Use Disorders in Young Adults — Running on Fumes
What's fueling a wave of psychostimulant misuse in young adults, and what are the results?


Editor's Note
Silencing Stigma

Addictions Advisor
More Than Words — Addiction Language Evolves

Technology Trends
Early Intervention in Psychosis With Speech Analysis

Behavioral Health Brief

Aging Advocate