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July/August 2019 Issue


Cannabis Conundrums — Dissecting Policy Changes
As cannabis policy changes, many legal, clinical, and social justice questions arise. What are the issues and how can ethical social workers respond?

Sports Gambling: Here, There, and Everywhere — Increasing Risk for Gambling Addiction
Legal sports betting will present greater risks for individuals already affected by problem gambling and those who may be especially vulnerable to intense marketing campaigns and newly available outlets.

Climate Change Reverberations — Public Health Fallout
It’s not just about the weather. Climate change can result in a panoply of public health issues affecting people in vulnerable areas due to radical and devastating events.

Recovery in a Digital World — Evaluating the Options
Addiction recovery online and through apps offers alternatives for those who, for a range of reasons, do not connect with traditional in-person models.


Editor’s Note
Marijuana Mixed Bag

Aging Advocate 
Education, Intelligence May Delay Alzheimer’s

Technology Trends
Bridging the Digital Divide in Native American Communities

Addictions Advisor
Supervised Injection Facilities — An Uphill Battle

Children and Families Forum
Advancing Equity for Black Girls

Health Care Review
Supporting Clients With Type 1 Diabetes