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Summer 2021 Issue


Back to School: What’s the Plan?
A leading expert suggests three potential strategies to help ensure the psychosocial wellness of students, teachers, and social workers.

Digital Mapping in Social Work
Geographic information systems can help social workers pinpoint areas of need more easily, but there are hurdles to clear for it to become more commonplace.

Prevention Education: More Important Than Ever
It’s imperative to educate children about sexual and physical abuse, sexual and physical assault, exploitation, and human trafficking. The failure to do so has severe consequences.

Self-Care Deserves More Than Lip Service
Notorious for paying little attention to self-care, social workers may have a different outlook as we enter a postpandemic world.


Editor’s Note

News Briefs

Addictions Advisor
An emerging trend within addiction treatment and the recovery community is the use of certified peer specialists, who often walk an ethical tightrope.

Evolving Education
When the pandemic struck, social work students at Arizona State sprung into action to help residents at a subsidized housing complex for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Behavioral Health Brief
Meet Prairie Conlon, who has found success using animal-assisted and accelerated resolution therapies.

Aging Advocate
Let’s give a shout-out to millennials, who are stepping up big time to become devoted caregivers to those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Eye on Ethics
There’s a gorilla in the room and no one notices. What’s that have to do with social work ethics? You may be surprised by the answer.

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