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Editor's e-Note
Like the world outside our doors, the social work profession continues to evolve at a dizzying pace. Legislation and social crises are more complex than ever before.

As a result, all social workers must develop the skills necessary to deliver competent and ethical social work services. In addition, clients need to be protected. To accomplish this mission, supervision must be front and center.

This month’s E-News Exclusive delves into how supervision can be a rewarding experience for all of those involved in the process.

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— Lee DeOrio, editorial director
e-News Exclusive
Solutions in Supervision to Enhance the Experience

By Alan S. Wolkenstein, MSW

The process of supervision is a mainstay of social work, but there are too many “in the shadows” components that negatively affect the supervisor. Take supervision “out of the shadows” to reveal it enough to hopefully make it a more enhanced educational experience for both the supervisor and the supervisee. Too many supervisors throw up their hands and describe it as an unpleasant and unrewarding use of their time, and too many talk about it being anxiety provoking, neither rewarding nor appealing, and not contributing to their education and practice skills as a social worker, either as a student or in practice.

Let us explore some of the conflicts in supervision that can result in burnout and impairment for either the supervisor or the learner. Are situations resulting in burnout (no longer caring for those who come for care) and impairment (an inability to learn by the one being supervised) extreme but possible consequences resulting from chronic dysfunctional supervisory experiences?

I have supervised social work graduate students, BSWs, undergraduates in social work, primary care physicians in training and practice, medical students, and allied health professionals. Each presents special needs and offers special gifts. Each can be fruitful or unrewarding in that we function in a highly interdependent manner. Since all of us learn in different ways and manners, are we flexible enough to modify our supervisory skills to meet the learning styles of those who come to us for supervision?

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Industry Insight
Luminis Health Board of Trustees Adopts 10 Health Equity, Antiracism Recommendations

October Is Global Diversity Awareness Month

Luminis Health has released a bold plan to become a national model for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI).

The groundwork for the plan began in 2020 with the formation of the health system’s Health Equity and Anti-Racism Task (HEART) Force, a multidisciplinary group consisting of members of the boards of trustees, senior leaders, medical staff, community partners, and stakeholders. The events of 2020 prompted Luminis Health to assess data and information to identify greater opportunity to effect change in confronting racism, addressing the effects of systemic inequity, and dismantling structural injustice.

“The future of health equity calls for organizations like ours to take bold action to dismantle structural and social drivers of racial and ethnic disparities in all of its forms. Luminis Health is committed to exactly that,” says Victoria Bayless, CEO of Luminis Health. “These recommendations will be intentionally woven into who we are as a system and a part of what we do every day to better serve our workforce and enhance the health of our patients and communities.”

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Products & Services
PlanSeek Intelligent Medicare Solutions Launches Diversity and Color

PlanSeek Intelligent Medicare Solutions announces the launch of its Diversity and Color initiative aimed to help mitigate disparity in the health care space. Through Diversity and Color, PlanSeek aims to identify, train, and support people of diverse backgrounds who would like to become Medicare health insurance agents but may not have the means or knowledge of how to do so. Once licensed, these agents would then work in traditionally underserved neighborhoods. The mission is twofold: to train people how to become successful Medicare health insurance agents and to help underserved communities.

“The reality is that corporate discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion are often just talk. Sometimes diversity and inclusion becomes a company hot topic for a few months, then it’s forgotten. We decided to create our own initiatives and help underserved communities ourselves,” says Juan-Carlos Durán, PlanSeek CEO. Together with PlanSeek President Steve Garcia, the pair is on a mission to give aspiring health insurance agents the tools they need to become successful.

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