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Editor's e-Note
In this month’s E-News Exclusive, learn how banking on technology can help social workers use early intervention to improve case management and client satisfaction.

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— Lee DeOrio, editorial director
e-News Exclusive
Challenges to Improving Early Intervention
By Ted Hill

Since March 2020, the health care industry has faced unprecedented challenges. In 2022, the pandemic continues to pose serious challenges, including managing a sudden increase in patients and increased data from new variants of the virus. Nevertheless, practitioners should keep an eye toward the future and use lessons from the pandemic to improve health care innovations.

For example, how can social workers use early intervention (EI) to improve case management and access to services? Data processes and access remain largely unchanged, even as many other health care services become digitized. Digital transformation will be important for overcoming the top challenges faced by EI in 2022.

However, digital transformation can be challenging. Change—whether incremental or massive—causes nearly everyone stress, and this stress can cause some social workers to resist using new tools even if they improve their workflow. This can be doubly troubling for employees who are reluctant to use technology changes spearheaded by management.

The key to overcoming these hurdles is open and honest communication from management when introducing a new digital platform. Team leaders must outline the organization's goals and objectives clearly. But it is also essential that the staff understands how these new digital solutions will improve their work or make tasks more manageable.

Comprehensive training can help alleviate many concerns, but it can be beneficial to have user "champions" who can provide one-on-one help until everyone is comfortable with the new system. Embarking on a digital transition is not a one-time project; it requires long-term planning and several steps to accomplish. Each step has its unique challenges, but working through them can lead to success. It is also important to celebrate successes as they happen. Such positive reinforcement can help staff adapt and continue using the new systems.

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Industry Insight
ASWB Releases ‘Spotlight on Regulation’

The Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) has published “Spotlight on Regulation,” an overview of social work regulation throughout the United States and Canada. The free report can be downloaded at, and is accompanied by interactive maps on the website that offer details on continuing education, licensing requirements, and the number of licensed social workers in each state, territory, and province.

“This is a great compilation of data,” says Jennifer Henkel, LCSW, CAE, ASWB’s senior director of member engagement and regulatory services. “The report provides both a broad view of regulation generally and snapshots of each jurisdiction.”

The interactive maps are a new tool for ASWB, offering users quick access to information in a visibly engaging format. “These maps give us a way to share data that we haven’t had before,” Henkel says. “We’ve had data in tables and spreadsheets, but being able to work from a map lets users take a closer look at adjacent states or provinces, or get a sense of the trends across both countries.”

— Source: Association of Social Work Boards

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Products & Services
Yeshiva University Launches Clinical Doctorate in Social Work

The Wurzweiler School of Social Work at Yeshiva University has announced a new Clinical Doctorate in Social Work (DSW), to begin in Fall 2022. The 45-credit program, designed to be completed within three years, is tailored for experienced post-MSW clinicians who are either currently in direct practice with a client base or are administrators of clinical programs.

“With opportunities for social work professionals expected to grow by 13% over the next seven to 10 years, there is no better time to earn this prestigious credential,” says Sari Skolnik, PhD, LCSW, director of the DSW program. “Students who complete our DSW program will have been taught the kinds of critical thinking and scholarship skills needed to create leaders in the social work profession.”

Distinct from PhD programs that emphasize social work research and research skill development, the clinical emphasis of the Wurzweiler DSW focuses on transforming practicing social workers into top-notch evidence-based clinicians who will become the next generation of leaders in social service agencies and educators in clinical social work education.

Offering both live online and hybrid classes, with full- and part-time options, the doctoral program incorporates historical, contemporary, and emerging clinical theories and therapy models for direct clinical practice with individuals, couples, families, and groups. The curriculum coursework, delivered across eight semesters over a three-year period and culminating in a Grand Challenge independent project, consists of evidence-based clinical practice, research, ethics, and educational pedagogies and practices in the area of clinical social work.

Applicants to Wurzweiler’s Clinical DSW program require an MSW and minimum of two years of supervised direct practice in a social service and/or mental health service provider.

Visit for more information.

— Source: Yeshiva University
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