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Editor's e-Note
Perinatal loss can have profound effects on women and their families. A host of factors can lead to paralyzing and long-lasting effects. This month’s E-News Exclusive examines how social workers can limit the damage.

To be effective in their roles, social workers must lean less on their clinical skills and substitute a heavy dose of empathy.

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— Lee DeOrio, editorial director
e-News Exclusive
Grieving the Loss of a Baby in the Womb

By Meredith Resnick, LCSW

Perinatal loss encompasses various traumatic events that can occur any time during the gestational period. About 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage; approximately 1 in 160 ends in stillbirth. Perinatal loss includes first- and second-trimester miscarriage, missed (silent) miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, neonatal death, and complications from molar pregnancy, blighted ovum, and preterm delivery.

These clinical terms define the medical aspect of loss yet fail to address the grief-filled psychological space a woman inhabits after the body has recovered.

In a 2006 study, researcher Lynn Clark Callister, PhD, wrote, “Perinatal loss engenders a unique kind of mourning since the child is so much a part of the parental identity. Societal expectations for mourning associated with perinatal loss are noticeably absent.”

A concept first coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989, intersectionality examines how race, class, gender, and other individual characteristics “intersect” with one another. Huong Diep, PsyD, recommends clinicians utilize an intersectional lens to heighten their awareness to discern the myriad ways in which these and other social identities converge to create unique forms of oppression and disparity with which the clinician may be unfamiliar.1

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Industry Insight
NASW Announces New President-Elect

Alaska social worker Yvonne Chase, PhD, LCSW, ACSW, MSW, is the new president-elect of NASW and has pledged to keep the association focused on social justice issues while advocating for innovations to prepare the fast-growing social work profession for future challenges.

Chase, who is an associate professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage, will begin her three-year term as NASW president on July 1, 2023. She will succeed Mildred “Mit” Joyner, DPS, MSW, LCSW.

“I am honored and humbled to be the president-elect of NASW, and I promise you three things—respect, integrity, and service,” Chase says. “NASW has also done a great deal of advocacy in addressing systemic racism in this nation and protecting voting and reproductive rights. I will help the association continue this important work while ensuring NASW is continuing to give members of our great profession the tools and training they need to address issues that challenge our nation, including the need for more mental health services.”

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Products & Services
Virtual Eating Disorder Treatment Program Geared for Jewish Adults

Walden Behavioral Care, a specialty health care system focused on the treatment of eating disorders, recently announced the launch of its B’SHALOM intensive outpatient program. The virtual program is available to adults in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont.

The B’SHALOM treatment team are members of the Jewish faith as well as licensed professionals who understand the importance of kosher meal planning, rituals around food, historical context, and the role of religion in eating disorder recovery.

“Walden is committed to providing personalized programming to all of our patients,” says Rebekah Bardwell Doweyko, LPC, CEDS-S, assistant vice president for Walden. “B’SHALOM in Hebrew means ‘with peace,’ and we wish to provide our patients with an opportunity to feel peace in their bodies, peace in their healing, and peace in their treatment.”

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Gun Law Tightens in California
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Advocates in New Mexico Urge Therapeutic Use of Psychedelic Mushrooms
Advocates in New Mexico are asking legislators to allow the use of psychedelic mushrooms—and their active ingredient psilocybin—as treatment for certain mental health disorders, reports AP News.
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