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The Affordable Care Act and Social Services — The Technological and Business Impact

Mindfulness-Based Approaches to Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Geriatric Social Worker

A Push for Patient Portals

Medication-Assisted Treatment — A Tool to Support Addiction Recovery

Older Adult HIV Risk Prevention

Grieving Chronic Illness and Injury — Infinite Losses

Community Connectors — White House Recognizes Value of Social Workers

Neuroscience and Social Work — Toward a Brain-Based Practice

DSM-5 — Debate, Soul Searching, Changes

• Pregnant/Postpartum Women and Treatment

• Adult Day Centers — Options for Elder Home Care Support

• Ethics of Genetics Testing — A Social Work Perspective

• Transitional Care After Limb Loss — Boston Marathon Survivors Navigate Change

• Transitions to Hospice Care — Social Workers Foster Meaningful Conversations About Dying

• EHRs in Behavioral Health — A Digital Future?

The Future of the Affordable Care Act — A Social Work Perspective

• The Impact of Infertility

• Treating Professionals With Substance Use Disorders

• Yoga as Adjunct Therapy for Substance Use

• End-of-Life Care With Families of Addiction

• Pain Care Advocacy in an Era of Opioid Abuse

• Couples and Binge-Eating Disorder

• Synthetic Drugs — Fake Substances, Real Dangers

• Just Plain Stephie: Conversations at the End of Life

• Aging With HIV/AIDS

• Listening to Family Caregivers

• Using Exercise to Combat Depression

• Medication-Related Elder Fall Prevention

• Yoga and Children’s Mental Health

• Mental Health Assessment — A Medical Perspective

• Spiritually Sensitive Hospice Care

• Raising Healthy Families in a Weight-Obsessed Culture

• Monitoring Care Transitions

• Clinical Supervision in Healthcare in the Internet Era

• Communication Partners for Older Adults

• The Healthcare Reform Puzzle — How Does Social Work Fit?

• Home Safe Home — Creating a Dementia-Friendly Environment

• Making Caring Connections and Cutting Costs — Social Work in the Emergency Department

• People With Alzheimer’s Pool of Art and Music Memories Runs Deep

• Hearing Loss in Older Adults — Its Effect on Mental Health

• Limb-Loss Support Group Gets a Leg Up — With Lefty

• Celiac Disease — What Social Workers Need to Know

• The Financial Burden of Cancer Care

• Animal-Assisted Therapy in Hospice Care

• Cystic Fibrosis Social Work — Support on a Changing Journey

• Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care — The Person-Centered Healthcare Home

• Helping Families Affected by Alzheimer’s

• Cognitive Camouflage — How Alzheimer’s Can Mask Mental Health Conditions

• Eating Disorders on the Web — The Pro-Ana/Pro-Mia Movement

• More Than Words — Cultural Competency in Healthcare

• Social Work and Public Health — Perfect Partners

• Diabetes Management in Young People — Family Matters

• Insatiable Hungers: Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse

• Surviving Childhood Cancer: Growing Up Too Fast

• Traumatic Brain Injury: The Game of Rehab

• Invisible Illness — What You Can’t See Does Hurt Her

• Drugs for Drugs — Medications to Treat Addictions

• Honoring Cultural Diversity at the End of Life

• Pain Management — Speaking to Social Work

• HIV/AIDS Medication Compliance: How Social Support Works

• Wounded Warriors: Lost in a Labyrinth of Care

• Complementary & Alternative Medicine for Older Adults

• Double Trouble — Helping Clients With Co-occurring Disorders

• Yoga and the Social Worker — Mantra Meets Mental Health

• Chemical Kids — Environmental Toxins and Child Development