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Running for Office

In an essay reflecting the theme of this year’s Social Work Month, “Empowering Social Workers,” Tami Gouveia urges social workers to better their communities and the country by running for political office.

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— Kate Jackson, editor
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E-News Exclusive
Why More Social Workers Should Run for Office

By Tami Gouveia, DrPH, MPH, MSW

Another election year is upon us, with key social policy issues like an expanded child tax credit gaining steam ahead of tax season. That means it’s once again time for me to drag out my favorite soapbox: getting more social workers into elected office.

While we count some notable politicians among our ranks, including Los Angeles mayor Karen Bass, MSW; Michigan senator Debbie Stabenow, MSW; and Arizona governor Katie Hobbs, BSW, MSW, we are underrepresented at all levels of government relative to professions like law, business, or medicine.

We can change that. We can build stronger networks and invest in each other from the ground up for the betterment of our communities and our country. I grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts, a diverse, working-class industrial city that was hit hard by drugs, outsourcing, and the recession. I looked around and didn’t see people like me running for office; I saw mainly older, wealthy white men from well-connected families.

I knew I wanted to be in the room shaping policy and working toward a society that’s more equitable, respectful, and humane—that puts people’s needs first (and not just when paired with corporate tax breaks). I never thought I could get elected, but it was always in the back of my mind. So when a seat opened up in my district in 2018, I jumped into the race, knocked on over 20,000 doors, and won.


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