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Grand Challenges for Social Work Announces New Report

Progress and Plans for the Grand Challenges: An Impact Report at Year 5 of the 10-Year Initiative

2021 marks the midway point in the Grand Challenges for Social Work, the bold 10-year initiative launched at the 2016 Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) annual conference to harness the ingenuity, expertise, dedication, and creativity of individuals and organizations within the field of social work and beyond to champion social progress powered by science.

We celebrate this milestone with the publication of Progress and Plans for the Grand Challenges: An Impact Report at Year 5 of the 10-Year Initiative. The report was premiered at the 2021 SSWR conference, held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the last five years, the GCSW has made significant progress as a whole and on each of the individual Grand Challenges. We have built networks, infrastructure, and sponsorships to support advances in research, education, policy, and practice. The report details impressive accomplishments occurring across the country. In it, each Grand Challenge looks back at its work to date and looks ahead to the ambitious plans that will drive the next five years.

Our impact reflects the commitment and hard work of everyone involved in the Grand Challenges. We invite others to learn and join.

We hope you'll read the report, share with your colleagues, and most importantly, invite allies in other disciplines to join us and sustain our momentum. Together, we will continue to make meaningful and measurable social progress.

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Source: Grand Challenges for Social Work