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2022 Article Archive

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Current Issue

Spring 2022 Issue


Building Community and Police Relationships
Give and take, respect, and trust are among the key attributes to constructing a meaningful and long-lasting partnership.

Youth Mental Health & Homelessness
Innovative ideas and a renewed focus hold promise for curtailing a longstanding, persistent problem.

How to Ace a Licensing Examination
Nerves? Check. Anxiety? Check. Confidence? Learn how test-takers can add this winning attribute to their checklist of essentials.

Infant Mental Health in Hospital Social Work Practice
Parental reflective functioning is a key component to children and parents maintaining a healthy relationship.


Editor’s Note

Letters to the Editor

Mothers faced with difficult adult children living at home must be mindful of their own well-being.

Social Services Innovations
New Jersey’s Bound Brook School District has been ahead of the curve in terms of offering school-based mental health services.

Behavioral Health Brief
A veteran social worker shares the story of her journey to overcome burnout and depression.

Eye on Ethics
Social workers should familiarize themselves with the key components of conducting a security risk analysis.

Mental Health Monitor
Social workers must be cognizant of the potential damage that can be inflicted upon clients when applying several diagnoses in the DSM.

2022 Annual Education Guide


Winter 2022 Issue


Child Maltreatment Services
Step inside the Nurturing Parenting Program to discover its limitations and successes.

A Case of Parental Alienation
Learn how to diagnose and treat this all-too-common situation that can ruin families.

The Cures Act Looks to Remedy Records Access
To accommodate the new legislation that grants patients better control of their information, providers will have to readjust certain processes.

Strategies for Choosing a Billing Platform
Performing due diligence is essential to landing on the technology that can propel a behavioral health practice forward financially.


Editor’s Note

Letters to the Editor

Behavioral Health Brief
As social workers, it is imperative to understand that not all cancer patients have the necessary support to deal with their diagnosis while also grappling with the psychological and mental health implications that such news can bring.

Aging Advocate
To determine whether they’re correctly working with older adult clients, social workers need to ask themselves some tough questions.

Addictions Advisor
It’s becoming common knowledge that the War on Drugs campaign has fallen well short of its objectives, ruining many minority communities and families in the process.

Technology Trends
Artificial intelligence can be a valuable tool for social work research, but steps must be taken to ensure the technology is unbiased.