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The American Society on Aging Announces New VP of Membership Engagement, Programs, and Thought Leadership

The American Society on Aging (ASA), the nation’s largest association of diverse professionals working in aging, has announced that Jen Rivera returned to ASA February 1, 2024, as vice president of membership, programs, and thought leadership. Prior to taking a hiatus to work for NAACOS (the National Association of Accountable Care Organizations), Rivera served as ASA’s director of membership engagement.

Rivera has been tapped particularly for her wealth of experience growing and engaging ASA membership, recruiting and retaining industry partners, and leveraging such relationships for continued sponsorships, which she will bring to bear in ASA’s next strategic plan. Her first order of business is to improve ASA’s membership experience as she guides the organization through the adoption of a new, improved association management system, which will foster member support and communication.

“Jen understands that ASA’s superpower is our membership. I have full confidence in her ideas and ability to elevate and support our members smartly and strategically. That she is already familiar with our members and has great relationships with staff is a bonus! As ASA celebrates our 70th anniversary and looks to the decades ahead, I’m eager to see the imprints she will make,” says President and CEO Leanne Clark-Shirley.

Rivera was a valued staff member during her previous tenure, and ASA management, board, and staff are eagerly awaiting the return of her particular brand of intelligence, energy, enthusiasm, and kindness.

“I am thrilled to return to ASA and grateful for the opportunity to work with an outstanding team and members,” Rivera says.

Starting at ASA in 2020 as its membership engagement manager, in that role Rivera boosted member participation, aided in strategic decision-making, and collaborated with marketing teams to execute membership campaigns.

Promoted in 2022 to direct member engagement, she then led membership recruitment, retention, and engagement initiatives to ensure sustainable growth, and collaborated with colleagues to improve member benefits and establish meaningful engagement opportunities.

Prior to her time at ASA, Rivera worked in a membership management capacity for the Restaurant Facility Management Association and the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. She also spent time as a chapter coordinator in the e-learning sector and for the International Association of Exhibitions and Events.

For further information about ASA, visit www.asaging.org.

Source: American Society on Aging