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NASW Announces Dawn Hobdy Is New Vice President of Ethics, Diversity, and Inclusion

NASW announced Dawn Hobdy has been appointed vice president of ethics, diversity, and inclusion as the association moves to make its workplace and workplaces around the nation more diverse and embracing of all people.

“We are excited to have Dawn Hobdy assume this role,” says NASW CEO Angelo McClain, PhD, LICSW. “Over the past several years leadership and staff at NASW have expressed a greater desire in having our association set the example in making workplaces more diverse and more inclusive. Dawn, with her years of expertise and commitment to advocacy and ethics, will help us accomplish this goal.”

Hobdy, MSW, LICSW, was previously ethics director in NASW’s Office of Ethics and Professional Review, where she was responsible for providing leadership and oversight for the overall vision and structure of the nationwide ethics and professional review programs. The Bronx, NY, native, who earned her master’s degree in social work from Howard University, also trained and advised social workers around the nation and world on how to perform their life-affirming work at the highest ethical standards.

In her new role, Hobdy will focus on improving diversity and inclusion at NASW, which has 215 employees at its Washington, DC, headquarters and 55 chapters in all 50 states; Guam; the Virgin Islands; New York City; Washington, DC; and Puerto Rico.

Hobdy has already begun connecting NASW to the wider diversity and inclusion community. She plans to share and implement best practices, helping NASW become a true leader in diversity in inclusion that will be benchmarked by other organizations.

“Now more than ever, creating a truly diverse and inclusive work environment is crucial to any organization’s success," Hobdy says. "I am proud of our leadership for making the investment and commitment to making NASW an even more inclusive and welcoming place to work and ensuring the voices of all our employees are included in the important work NASW is doing in supporting the social work profession."

Source: NASW