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CommonHealth ACTION Launches Foundations of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Online Course

CommonHealth ACTION, a national nonprofit that works with organizations and individuals to support leadership development and growth, has made its popular Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Training available online. Developed over the past decade, this course helps participants apply equitable, diverse, and inclusive practices to their professional activities and interpersonal relationships. Previously offered in person, the training is now available as a self-paced online learning experience that gives organizations and individuals more flexibility, affordability, and access.

Created by CommonHealth ACTION’s subject matter experts, the EDI Online course includes tools and processes that support ongoing behavior change; specifically, perspective transformation—the idea that once individuals know, think, and believe something different, they will decide, behave, and act differently. Throughout the course, participants may experience constructive discomfort that helps pave the way for meaningful change.

“Between the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest related to the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and polarization from the 2020 election, people and businesses throughout the country are intently seeking solutions to long-standing problems of racial injustice and ways to develop relationships that will make our society fair and effective,” says Natalie S. Burke, president and CEO of CommonHealth ACTION. “Our EDI online course teaches people to analyze and design equitable policies, programs, and practices; encourages individual growth necessary to engage in equitable decisions, behaviors, and actions; and supports the development of authentic relationships across identities.”

The online program, which costs $399 per person, provides 12 hours (1.2 CEUs) of educational content that can be completed at an individual’s own pace, over the course of two months. Throughout this program, participants will be provided with common language to discuss and understand equity, diversity, and inclusion; historical context of U.S. laws, court decisions, and other public policies; insights into the roles of racial identity, privilege, oppression, and power in our society and organizational cultures; and practice tools and case studies to inform decision-making and change.

More information about CommonHealth ACTION’s EDI Online course, as well as other services offered, is available at www.CommonHealthACTION.org.

— Source: CommonHealth ACTION


THRIVE Launched — Improving Health Care Delivery to the Underserved

Experienced health care strategy, finance, and organizational improvement firm Franz Strategic Solutions announces its new business venture THRIVE. Focusing on hospitals and health care systems, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and social service agencies; THRIVE integrates strategy, operations, technology, finance, and patient/client services to deliver comprehensive solutions crossing all aspects of an organization’s business structure. THRIVE develops targeted programs for underserved communities including Medicaid, uninsured, and those whose well-being is compromised due to lack of access to health care and social services.

William Franz, founder of THRIVE, states, “When providing health care to the underserved, you not only have to focus on medical care, but also the conditions of the environments in which people live, learn, work, play, worship, and age. Many times, these social determinants of health are the root cause of acute and chronic illness. By digging deep and bringing health care and social services together, high-quality health outcomes can be achieved within a financially sustainable model.”

THRIVE has strategically partnered with RDI Healthcare to bring integrated technology and workflow solutions. Chuck Hutchings, RDI Healthcare’s lead strategist for the partnership, states, “RDI Healthcare is thrilled to be partnering with THRIVE as we have parallel visions for successful client outcomes which allow for expanded servicing of patient needs. This is the core of our relationship.” Hutchings adds, “Hospital systems, FQHCs, and provider entities have all experienced financial and operational success in past engagements with RDI and Mr. Franz. We look forward to sharing these successes and hearing your Mission and Vision during these changing health care times.”

— Source: Thrive