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Company Announces Release of ClientTrack Software

Data-Systems International, a provider of human services technology solutions, has announced the release of CT Essential for HMIS (homeless management information system) for communities and organizations participating in a local HMIS.

CT Essential for HMIS can be deployed in less than 45 days and, the solution is automatically updated over time as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) requirements for HMIS participation evolve. 

CT Essential for HMIS provides all HUD-required data collection needs, reports, and technical security requirements in support of an HMIS. With this program, organizations are covered with all required forms, business rules, and workflows for the collection of required data in an easy-to-use manner that ensures data quality during collection.

At the push of a button, care providers or continuum-of-care partners can generate required HUD reports. Additionally, users can leverage ClientTrack's ad-hoc reporting suite for analyzing client data and showcasing outcomes to organizations and the community, including reports, graphs, and charts.

For more information, visit www.clienttrack.com

— Source: Data-Systems International