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Tower Behavioral Health Set to Open Eating Disorders Program

Tower Behavioral Health, one of eastern Pennsylvania’s premier mental health and addiction treatment centers, recently began offering acute inpatient treatment for eating disorders.

The program, which serves adolescents aged 14 to 17 and adults aged 18 and older, is the only inpatient eating disorder treatment option in the greater Delaware and Lehigh Valley region. When fully functional, the program will be able to accommodate 16 individuals.

The eating disorders program accepts patients who are medically or psychiatrically unstable and struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder, or other related eating disorders. Average length of stay is 14 to 28 days.

“Providing a specialized service line for those who are affected by eating disorders has been something we’ve discussed since our opening in 2020,” says Tower Behavioral Health CEO Stephanie Lee. “To be able to offer this much-needed treatment is incredibly exciting.”

Michael Pertschuk, MD, is guiding the program, which uses a combination of evidence-based psychological, medical, and nutrition therapies to help patients learn and practice new skills that can allow them to restore health and balance to their lives.

Those interventions include individual, family, and group therapies; occupational therapy; recreational therapy; task-oriented groups; individual nutrition counseling; and art and movement therapies.

During the school year, the program will also offer classroom education for middle school- and high school-age students to allow them to keep up with their academic endeavors.

Those who are interested in making a referral or inquiring about admission can call 484-659-2330 anytime, 24/7.

— Source: Tower Behavioral Health