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Drug Abuse Information for Teens Goes Mobile

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recently announced changes as part of National Substance Abuse Prevention Month in October that can benefit teens, their caregivers, and those who speak Spanish. Teens and the adults who care for them now can find answers to questions about drug abuse and addiction more easily through smartphones and tablets. Spanish language versions of easy-to-understand resources on drug abuse and addiction also are available.

For teens, their parents, and teachers, the NIDA has upgraded its teen website to a responsive-design model that automatically adjusts to fit the viewer’s screen for better viewing through smartphones and tablets. The new design also is more engaging, with larger, more vibrant buttons that link directly to resources providing answers to questions and concerns related to drug abuse in adolescents. The teen site continues to house free, interactive resources such as its teen blog and PEERx, an online educational initiative to discourage abuse of prescription drugs among teens.

In addition to the redesigned teen site, the NIDA’s improved Parents and Educators page makes it easier for caregivers and teachers to find free, scientifically based prevention and education resources. Examples include Family Checkup, a tool for talking with children about drugs, as well as the latest science-based information on the health effects and consequences of drug abuse. Teachers also can find free resources for elementary, middle, and high school students, including examples of classroom-based science experiments from the National Institutes of Health Lab Challenge.

— Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse