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Medical Racism: The New Apartheid

New 'Medical Racism' Film Confronts Long-Standing Experimentation on Minorities

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s Children's Health Defense, in conjunction with Centner Productions and the Urban Global Health Alliance, and coproducers Rev. Tony Muhammad and author/historian Curtis Cost, have announced the release of the trailer for their upcoming documentary Medical Racism: The New Apartheid, which premiers on March 11, 2021. The trailer is available at https://medicalracism.childrenshealthdefense.org/.

Medical Racism illuminates the shocking history of human experimentation targeting Blacks by government health regulators and private pharmaceutical companies. "While many Americans are familiar with the historic medical atrocities by CDC at Tuskegee; by the father of American gynecology, Dr. J. Marion Sims on South Carolina slave girls; and the continuing medical larceny against Henrietta Lacks, they are likely unaware of the routine medical barbarism against Africans that persists today," Cost says.

The documentary, directed by Academy Award nominee David Massey, chronicles the medical cartel's long history of targeting minority populations for unethical experiments, the acquiescence of regulatory agencies and medical ethicists, and the silence of physicians that allow these atrocities to continue today.

According to Medical Racism Producer Kevin Jenkins of the Urban Global Health Alliance, "These racially targeted experiments have been hiding in plain sight for decades. It's time to expose the truth and end inhumane and barbaric forms of racism by the 'respected' medical establishment."

The film explores recent racially based experimentation by government health officials and pharmaceutical companies on black children in South Central Los Angeles. It also exposes Big Pharma's medical experiments and "drug dumping" in modern day Africa and the WHO's 2014 population control campaign to sterilize a million Kenyan girls with infertility chemicals hidden in tetanus vaccines.

"The high levels of medical mistrust in the Black community is a rational response to routine callousness and systemic savagery toward Blacks by medical professionals and pharmaceutical interests," says Kennedy, chairman of the Children's Health Defense. "Our hope in producing this film is to learn from the past misdeeds, so we can avoid their future repetition."

For more information and to register to receive a notification on where and how the film can be seen when it's released, go to medicalracism.org.

— Source: Children's Health Defense