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The Commitment: An Adoption Journey

The Commitment is a moving dramatic short film about Robert (Albert M. Chan) and Ethan (Jason Lane Fenton), an interracial gay couple who have been chosen from a pool of hopeful adoptive parents by Victoria (Kerri Patterson), a shy and very pregnant Asian birthmother. Susan (Mary Niederkorn), the adoption social worker who facilitates their first meeting, helps the trio navigate through the awkward but often times humorous discussions of race, sexual orientation, and outlandish baby names. Gradually, Victoria begins to open up and eventually forges a bond with Robert and Ethan. When the unexpected happens, however, Robert’s neuroticism and Ethan’s anxiety about fatherhood threaten their relationship. Embodying the authentic voice and depiction of a committed gay couple amidst the world of adoption, The Commitment is an emotionally powerful film inspired by the director’s own experiences in adoption.

— Source: TheCommitmentMovie.com