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Trying to Change the System That Raised Them

What would you do without your family? What if you were all alone in the world? The feature documentary From Place to Place tells the story of the invisible children who grow up in America’s foster care system. For the first time, Mandy, Micah, and Raif find their voice after being hurt, lost, and silenced by the system that was supposed to take care of them.

The film follows their lives for over two years as they struggle to make it on their own, find their voice, and impact the system. By looking at the effects on a few individuals, the film makes the problem real. Statistics take on names and faces. Raif hits the streets in search of love and happiness, Mandy passes the GED and goes to college, and Micah is sentenced to three years in jail. The first half of the film provides an intimate and unprecedented glimpse into life post-foster care.

The second half of the film takes an unexpected turn when Mandy and Raif are invited to Washington, DC, to present their stories to The Senate Caucus on Foster Youth. Never given a reason to believe in themselves, they have no idea what effect their stories will have. At the caucus event, Raif and Mandy talk about their foster care experiences and ideas for how the system can change. Their words are lightning bolts of revelation. The power of their voice sets in motion a chain of events that culminates with The Senate Caucus on Foster Youth announcing a Call to Action for comprehensive reform to America’s foster care system.

The film concludes with Mandy and Raif traveling from place to place, spreading their message and leading efforts to radically reform America’s foster care system. Raif realizes that he has helped other people and Mandy transforms into a confident woman. From Place to Place provides their voice volume to make a difference.

— Source: FromPlacetoPlaceMovie.com