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Documentary Captures Struggles LGBT Elders Face

What would you do if you were old, disabled or ill—and the person feeding you put down the spoon and said that you are going to hell unless you change your sexual preference?

Sound absurd?

Social workers around the world say it’s happening every day.

Gen Silent is the critically acclaimed documentary from filmmaker Stu Maddux that asks six LGBT elders if they will hide their friends, their spouses—their entire lives—in order to survive in the care system.

Their surprising decisions are captured through intimate access to their day-to-day lives over the course of a year. It puts a face on LGBT elder discrimination by caregivers and bullying by other elders so intimidating that some simply go back into the closet.

Unlike any film before, Gen Silent discovers how oppression in the years before Stonewall now affects older LGBT people causing fear and isolation.

Many who won the first civil rights victories for generations to come are now dying prematurely because they are reluctant to ask for help and have too few friends or family to care for them.

Gen Silent reveals the challenges that these men and women face and finds new hope as each person crosses paths with impassioned people trying to change LGBT aging for the better.

— Source: www.gensilent.com