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Brené Brown: The Call to Courage, Netflix Original 

If there is anyone who has not yet read a book by Brené Brown, PhD, LMSW, or seen one of her presentations, you are missing a rich, emotional, and life-influencing experience. If you are a social worker and are unaware of this rock star of the profession, you need to catch up on your homework. Brown is one of those people for whom the phrase “force of nature” is intended. 

My initiation to Brown’s work was her TED Talk on shame and vulnerability that is one of the most widely viewed ever. It conveyed the message so powerful to many: “You are enough.” Millions may have been hearing that phrase for perhaps the first time in their lives. 

She has written several New York Times bestsellers and presented countless times for professional and nonprofessional audiences. This Netflix Original special does not disappoint, even for veteran fans of Brown’s talents of research application, communication, validation, reaching people’s deepest vulnerabilities, and connecting in a very genuine way. 

— Marianne Mallon, editor