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2017 Article Archive

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March/April 2017 Issue


Social Work in a Post-Election Nation — Facing Challenges, Encouraging Hope
A new administration could mean changes in policy and programs that will affect social workers and the populations they serve. How can social workers move forward in what may be an unfriendly environment?

Teaching With Technology in Social Work Education
Social work professors recognize the need for technology to be a mainstay in the classroom.

Sexual Assault on Campus — Trauma-Informed Treatment
Social Work Today interviews clinicians who frequently treat campus sexual assault survivors and reviews the major trauma-informed techniques of treatment.

Be Here Now — Easing Anxiety With Mindfulness-Based Therapies
Mindfulness is a practice that encourages a lifestyle which ultimately can result in anxiety reduction.


Editor's Note
Moving Forward — Social Workers Stand Up

Social Services Innovations
Software Evolves to Support Outcomes Management

Eye on Ethics
The Joys and Challenges of Altruism

Addictions Advisor
Treating Pain Without Opioids

Education Guide


January/February 2017 Issue


High-Tech Social Worker — Myth or Reality?
Can social work be both "high touch" and "high tech?" Early tech adopters and traditionalists coexist in a field founded on human interaction but in a world being transformed by technology.

10 Dedicated & Deserving Social Workers
Social Work Today's first issue of the year features our annual tribute to 10 social workers nominated by colleagues for their superior achievements.

Case Management at the Intersection of Social Work and Health Care
The advanced practice of case management combines the values and advocacy of social work with the "triple aims" in health care: improving the experience of care, achieving better health of individuals and populations, and reducing the per capita cost of care.

Aging & Isolation — Causes and Impacts
Understanding the causes and impacts of isolation can position social workers to help mitigate feelings of loneliness and isolation in their clients and contribute to an optimal quality of life.


Editor's Note
Has Tech's Time Come to Social Work?

Technology Trends
Developing Standards for Mental Health Apps

Aging Advocate
Study Finds Elders More Resilient Than Youths

Behavioral Health Brief
Training Police to Work With People With Mental Illness

Children and Families Forum