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2018 Article Archive

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March/April 2018 Issue


Predictive Analytics in Child Welfare — Benefits and Challenges
Predictive risk modeling is a relatively new tool that is helping to refine the decision-making process in investigating child abuse and neglect claims, but further development is needed.

Social Work Leadership and Advocacy — The Moral Imperative
This year's Social Work Month theme is Leaders, Advocates, and Champions. Reflect on social work's unique dedication to social justice and some of the key figures who have led the way.

The Continued Growth of Telemental Health
Social Work Today explores the expansion of telemental health and how it is changing the behavioral health landscape.

Professional Learning Networks for Social Workers in the Digital Age
Two highly tech-savvy social work professors explain what professional learning networks are and best practices for using them.


Editor's Note
The Search for Social Justice

Social Services Innovations
A Whole New World — Virtual Reality in Social Work

Evolving Education
The DSW and PhD Degrees — Goals and Choices

Annual Education Guide

Children and Families Forum

Health Care Review
Integrated Health Care — What Do Social Workers Contribute?


January/February 2018 Issue


Understanding Depression and Aging — Guidance for Social Workers
Many assume that depression is a normal part of aging, but it isn't. This assumption can result in depression in aging individuals being underdiagnosed and undertreated.

10 Dedicated & Deserving Social Workers
Social Work Today presents its annual feature highlighting the achievements of 10 special individuals nominated by their colleagues for outstanding work in the profession.

Reevaluating the 12-Step Model Legacy
The 12-Step peer support model has helped millions of people, but a social worker addictions specialist takes another look and finds some limitations.

Mental Health and Cancer
A cancer diagnosis can be devastating to those with preexisting mental health conditions and those with no history. Both require social workers to be prepared to help patients navigate this challenging time in their lives.


Editor's Note
Assume Nothing

Aging Advocate
Educating Communities About Dementia

Technology Trends
Technology Improves Older Adults' Quality of Life

Behavioral Health Brief
Health Care Providers' Fat Shaming Triggers Anxiety, Depression