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2007 Article Archive

Nov/Dec 2007 Issue


Invisible Illness — What You Can’t See Does Hurt Her
The effects of many illnesses can’t be seen. Read how professionals can help patients cope with conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Drugs for Drugs — Medications to Treat Addictions
Despite the critics, medications to treat substance abusers are here to stay. Know what’s out there and how these drugs can help your clients.

Honoring Cultural Diversity at the End of Life
Culture always matters, even near death. Honoring culture at the end of life shows respect for your clients and enriches your social work skill set.

Pain Management — Speaking to Social Work
Coping with chronic pain is a challenge many clients will face. What can you do to advocate for them?

Social Work With Children of Alcohol- and Drug-dependent Parents
Learn how to identify and help children often lost in the chaotic environments of alcohol- and drug-dependent households.

Surviving Professional Stress in a Military Setting
You can’t care for others unless you care for yourself. Professionals in military settings are perfecting the process of balancing self-care with care for others.

Social workers do many things. A masters degree in social work is a versatile degree for this difficult job market.


Editor’s Note
Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Letters to the Editor

Evolving Education
Lessons Outside the Classroom

Eye on Ethics
Protecting Privileged Information

Picturing Social Work
Multidisciplinary Homeless Outreach
The Big Picture

Wellness Watch
Mindful Movement
Transforming Compassion Fatigue

Conferences, classes, and symposia of interest to social work professionals

Sept/Oct 2007 Issue


The Highly Prized Child: Challenging Parents and Therapists
Children need to be loved and praised, but without some discipline, it can have negative effects on their behavioral health.

HIV/AIDS Medication Compliance: How Social Support Works
Social workers are critical in bridging the gap between the medical and human sides of HIV/AIDS.

Reaching Out to Children of Parents With Mental Illness
Get tips on how to help these children in great need of support.

Wounded Warriors: Lost in a Labyrinth of Care
Struggling to deal with emotional and physical pain, veterans are often caught in the military’s healthcare maze.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine for Older Adults
It’s not all hocus pocus. Help your clients understand what to look for in complementary and alternative treatments.

Today’s Most Influential Social Workers
We honor those social workers recognized by colleagues as extraordinary in their field.


Editor’s Note
Raising Hell

Letter to the Editor

Eye on Ethics
Facing up to Social Worker Sexual Misconduct

Picturing Social Work
In the Wilderness: Changing Relationships

Wellness Watch
Creative Visualization
Transforming Compassion Fatigue

Children and Families Forum
Report Shows Gains, Setbacks for Nation’s Children

Conferences, classes, and symposia of interest to social work professionals

July/August 2007 Issue


PTSD in Today’s War Veterans: The Road to Recovery
Coming home from war means facing emotional battles for many soldiers.

State of Mind: Evaluating Competency to Stand Trial
What’s involved when social workers assess a defendant’s mental ability to face prosecution?

The Future of Social Work Administration: An Interview With Felice D. Perlmutter
An innovator in social work administration looks at the future of the field.

Saying Goodbye to Spot: Pet Loss Bereavement
Losing a pet bears the same emotional burden as losing a family member—and must be treated with the same respect.

Social Work CSI?
Canadian social workers step out of the office and onto the streets in the roles of community coroner and special investigator.

Supervisor, Beware: Ethical Dangers in Supervision
The sensitive ethics of social work extend beyond the client relationship. Get help navigating dilemmas in the supervisory relationship.

Annual Education Guide
This guide will help you find the best program to fit your needs.


Editor’s Note

Letters to the Editor

Wellness Watch
Conscious Breathing — Transforming Compassion Fatigue

Eye on Ethics
Boundaries Among Colleagues

Point of View
Traumatic Bonding in Kidnap Victims and Battered Women — Blaming the Victims Again?

Mental Health Monitor
‘Virtual Iraq’ Simulation to Study PTSD

May/June 2007 Issue


Double Trouble — Helping Clients With Co-occurring Disorders
A growing problem requires the right training to better serve clients.

Couples Helping Couples — A Natural Progression From Therapy With the Couple Dyad
Group sessions with couples complement benefits gained from sessions with a therapist.

GLBT Student Safety — Five Years of Advocating for Gay/Straight Alliances
How have gay/straight alliances in schools affected students and communities?

Motivational Interviewing With Substance Abusers — The Power of Ambivalence
A versatile interviewing tool helps transform resistance into motivation.

Teaching the Rules of “Normal” Eating
Eating behaviors impact emotional health and vice versa.

Writing Wrongs — Putting Pain on Paper
Expressing stress through writing can help heal individuals who are hurting, including soldiers returning from war.

Social Services Directory
Find the right product or service for your organization or practice.


Editor’s Note
The Cruellest Month

Letters to the Editor

Picturing Social Work
Medicating With Methadone: Drug Dealing or Humane Treatment?

Point of View
Copyright: The Other Informed Consent

Wellness Watch
Body Awareness —Transformation Through Compassion Fatigue

Eye on Ethics
Challenging Unethical Agency Policies

Children and Families Forum
Separated by Gender — Single-sex Schooling’s Newfound Popularity

March/April 2007 Issue


The PR-Savvy Social Worker — 7 Smart Tips for Marketing Your Practice
What are the best methods to increase the number of clients in your out-of-pocket practice?

Get It in Writing — Psychiatric Advance Directives
This relatively new document gives control to individuals when their mental illness is out of control.

The Top 5 Social Justice Issues Facing Social Workers Today
In honor of National Professional Social Work Month, SWT discusses the top five social justice challenges facing the profession today.

Yoga and the Social Worker — Mantra Meets Mental Health
Find out what benefits yoga can offer social workers and their clients.

Chemical Kids — Environmental Toxins and Child Development
The toxic effects of industrial chemicals are linked to developmental problems in children.

Cutting Through the Chaos — Trauma and Abuse Recovery
Read about an innovative program helping women with mental illness and substance abuse understand and move past trauma.


Editor’s Note
Social Work Soup

Eye on Ethics
The Importance of Ethics Consultation

Point of View
How Can Generalist and Clinical Social Workers Get Along?

Wellness Watch
From Professional Risk to Self-Expression

Government Brief
The Futility of Fences

January/February Issue

Home Sweet Home — Sizing Up Senior Home Care
With the older adult population booming, how is home care faring as an alternative to nursing home placement?

Betrayed by Our Bodies — Sensory Loss in Aging
Losing the ability to taste, smell, hear, see, and touch as we age has a major impact on quality of life.

Wanted: African American Men in Social Work
Find out the steps one organization is taking to increase the number of African American males in the profession.

Country Comfort — Mental Health Telemedicine in Rural America
Telemental health—mental health services by video—is helping patients who were once out of reach.

Finding Help for Struggling Teens
It’s not easy to help a struggling teen, but here’s a guide for social workers helping parents decide what’s right for their child.


Editor’s Note

Picturing Social Work
Partial Hospitals Restore Hospitality to Patient Care

Eye on Ethics
Conducting an Ethics Audit

Wellness Watch
Vicarious Terror — The New Face of Compassion Fatigue

Aging Advocate
Counseling Alzheimer’s Caregivers Postpones the Nursing Home

Mental Health Monitor
Eating Disorders Organization Calls on Insurers to Cover Treatment; Enhanced Depression Care May Be Cost-effective for Employers

Point of View
On Needles, Drugs, and Gradualism