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2023 Article Archive

Fall 2023 Issue


When the Past Is Present
The evidence has been building over decades for the effectiveness of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.

For the Record
Several strategies can aid social workers in promoting high-quality ethical social work documentation.

Virtual Reality for People With Schizophrenia
Psychosocial rehabilitation can be improved through the use of virtual reality and supportive therapeutic relationships for people with schizophrenia.

Self-Care Inside a Nonprofit
Self-care at a nonprofit requires buy-in not just from the individual but also from leadership and the organization as a whole.


Editor’s Note
Virtual Reality Moving Into the Mainstream

Industry Perspectives
Why It’s Important to Incorporate Spirituality, Sexuality, and Gender in Evaluations and Treatment

Institutionalizing Antiracism in Social Work Education

Addiction Advisor
Seven Reasons to Consider a Social Work Career in Addiction Treatment

Behavioral Health Brief
The Harvest of Stress in Rural America

Aging Advocate
Barriers to Aging in Place


Summer 2023 Issue


The Challenges of Private Practice
Running your own practice can be highly rewarding, but there are difficulties as well, from starting up to maintaining.

Growth During Grief
Although grief may feel devastating, research demonstrates that there’s also great potential for transformative personal growth during bereavement.

Examining Homelessness Through an Unprecedented Pandemic
The COVID-19 emergency caused economic and social disruption that exacerbated the homelessness crisis.

Marginalization of People Diagnosed With Autism
People diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder may struggle with exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence.


Editor’s Note

Letters to the Editor

Licensure and Certificates
What’s behind the disparities in the pass rate of the Association of Social Work Boards licensure examinations?

Social Service Innovations
Empathy-building virtual reality by staff members improves treatment outcomes for veterans with chronic pain.

Ethics and Best Practices
ChatGPT can write students’ essays for them, and it probably won’t be caught by plagiarism-checking software. How should social work professors respond?

Behavioral Health Brief
Social workers have a role to play in retraining the brain using modalities such as neurofeedback.

Children and Families
Trauma-informed education may lead to better outcomes for justice-involved Black adolescents.

Annual Directory

News Brief


Spring 2023 Issue


The Warrior Identity: LGBTQ+ Military Service Members
How have LGBTQ+ individuals been affected by military service, and what policies are being implemented to protect them?

Delivering Substance Use Messages That Pack a Punch
A new paradigm identifies the delivery methods that are most effective at motivating and inspiring resilience and change.

Posttraumatic Stress
A number of factors contribute to police violence against Black Americans. Is PTSD among police officers one of them?

Elements of Shame Sensitivity
To effectively help their patients, social workers must understand how shame manifests and circulates.


Editor’s Note
Shame, Shame

Social workers can lean on technology to help clients who struggle to get a good night’s sleep.

Advanced Degree Programs
Advanced social work degrees emphasize social justice to prepare students to work with and advocate for vulnerable populations.

Behavioral Health Brief
Eco-anxiety is increasingly prevalent. Learn what it is and how social workers can help.

Eye on Ethics
In order to challenge injustice—an ethical mandate in the field—social workers must have moral courage.

Education Guide

Letter to the Editor

Winter 2023 Issue


Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Youth
With the percentage of trans youth on the rise, social workers can help meet the growing need for access to gender-affirming care and resources.

Understanding Mpox
In order to help clients ascertain risk and find quality resources regarding mpox, social workers first must understand the virus themselves.

Enhancing Resilience to Tame Stress in Older Adults
There are strategies older adults can utilize for facing loneliness, social isolation, health-related anxieties, and other stressors.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Both on and off camera, Fred Rogers expressed social work ethical principles in the way he built relationships and showed compassion and empathy.


From the Editor

Technology Trends
Measuring Person-Centered Care Using Innovative Artificial Intelligence

Developmental Disabilities
Caring for a Developmentally Challenged Child: Understanding the Complex Needs of Parents and Caretakers

Industry Perspectives
The Only Thing the Stop-Woke Act Will Stop Is Critical Thinking

Eye on Ethics
Protecting Client Records

Innovations in Social Work
Social Work Brings Trauma-Informed Care to Border Studies Program