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2021 Article Archive

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Spring 2021 Issue


Private Practices Adapt to a New World
Creativity, patience, and doggedness are a few of the traits helping to see private practice clinicians through this unprecedented time.

Grieving the Loss of a Baby in the Womb
To be effective in their roles, social workers must lean less on their clinical skills and substitute a heavy dose of empathy.

Integrating Antioppressive Practice With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Coupling these concepts in social work practice is not only possible but also imperative to supporting clients seeking help from social service organizations.

How to Apply Social Work Concepts in Academic Advising
To allow students to get the most out of their college education, an advising practice model underpinned by a social work knowledge base may be worth considering.


Editor’s Note

Industry Voices
It’s suggested that the social work profession step up its anti-fatphobia efforts and work harder to eradicate the distress of clients with large bodies.

Eye on Ethics
The doctrine of double effect can help social workers make ethical decisions based on how their seemingly altruistic actions may affect others.

Addictions Advisor
Social workers play a key role in helping those with substance use disorders during the recovery process, never more so than during the pandemic.

2021 Annual Education Guide

Social Services Innovations
A unique relationship between a local police department and a university has benefitted students, law enforcement, and the community.

Behavioral Health Brief
Research compiled from Twitter reveals how race factors into Black clients’ therapist preferences and how cultural competence is essential for clinicians.


Winter 2021 Issue


Caught in the Middle: The Plight of Crossover Youth
The long-entrenched lack of communication and coordination between the child welfare and juvenile justice systems makes it difficult to address the needs of this unique population.

Financial Independence for Older Adults
There’s a difference between being financially independent and being able to meet financial obligations.

The Ethical Compatibility Between Social Work and Coaching
The ideals of the two professions cross paths enough that it merits further research into how they can complement each other.

Using Street Art to Engage Teens in Social Emotional Learning
There is value in dissecting art in your neighborhood to build community connection.


Editor’s Note

Industry Voices
A firsthand account of teaching during a pandemic and social upheaval reveals the strength it takes to remain focused.

Technology Trends
Learn how Elizabeth City State University is dealing with the pandemic by incorporating simulation into the classroom.

Evolving Education
An unusual class trip turns out to be a powerful learning experience for a group of social work students.

Social Services Innovations
New York City’s Parents Supporting Parents initiative is attempting to bridge the gap between professional service providers and parents.

Eye on Ethics
What considerations must social workers take into account when contemplating disclosing mental health struggles with their employer?