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2024 Article Archive

Winter 2024 Issue


Trauma-Informed Care
This approach can play an important role in decreasing the negative effects of vicarious trauma.

Redressing Injustice
Canceling, calling out, checking out, and calling in are strategies for accountability and change.

Education in Suicide Prevention
Social work students are often inadequately prepared to address suicidal ideations with their clients due to a lack of suicide-specific courses and content in their graduate work.

Reproductive Justice Theory
When it comes to reproductive health, conflicts can arise between social work ethics and individual values.


Editor’s Note

Letter to the Editor

Eye on Ethics
Moral hazard—when interventions cause harm—can occur when social workers have incentive to behave badly.

There’s an unaddressed need for mental health support in social work graduate programs.

Practice Matters
Social workers deal with safety concerns every day. What can be done about it?

Research Brief
ADepT may offer another treatment modality for individuals struggling with depression.

The pandemic accelerated the use of telehealth, but state licensure laws are an obstacle to the delivery of care.