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2020 Article Archive

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March/April 2020 Issue


The Resource of Resilience — A Professional Development Plus
One university has created a program to help social work students cultivate resilience—an invaluable tool for professional development in their future careers.

Teaching Social Justice via Distance Education — Technology & Experiential Learning
Two social work educators outline how social justice, sometimes a challenging concept to communicate even in traditional settings, can be effectively taught via distance education.

Libraries & Social Workers — Perfect Partners
Libraries and social workers are working together to help individuals and communities in need of resources for better lives and improved health and well-being, especially those affected by social and economic inequality and untreated behavioral health conditions.

SUD Teletherapy — Bridging the Treatment Gap
How can teletherapy for substance use disorders help get a handle on a widespread problem for millions of individuals, especially those in hard-to-reach situations and regions?


Editor’s Note
Recognizing Resilience

Letter to the Editor
Diversity in the 10 Dedicated & Deserving Social Workers

On the Web
Reading Room and Media/Arts

Behavioral Health Brief
Mental Health Challenges Four Times Higher in Young Mothers

Health Care Review
TIME’S UP Healthcare Connects With Social Workers

Addictions Advisor
Smoking Bans and SUD Treatment — A Social Work Perspective

Children and Families Forum
Tackling Toxic Masculinity — Relationships Matter

2020 Annual Education Guide

News Brief

Policy Perspectives


January/February 2020 Issue


Gun Violence Trauma — Beyond the Numbers
The traumatic effects of gun violence are being examined more closely as hate-fueled shootings grab the headlines daily. What is the nature of the trauma and how does it change individuals and communities?

Age-Friendly Health Systems — What Matters Most
A fresh approach to health care for older adults is finally addressing the most important issues in the lives of elders whose physical and cognitive health may be diminishing.

Healing Dysregulated Eating & Body Shame — Why Self-Compassion Is Key
Finding the best ways to help heavier-weight clients with self-compassion and recognition of their strengths involves clinicians modeling the same compassion toward themselves.

10 Dedicated & Deserving Social Workers
The annual reveal of 10 social workers whose extraordinary accomplishments and/or commitment to clients have made them difference-makers.


Editor’s Note
Violence, Trauma, Advocacy

Eye on Ethics
Social Workers’ Duty to Protect and Warn — Evolving Standards

Evolving Education
Youth Learning Models for the Digital Age

Social Services Innovations
Telephone Behavioral Health Services — Training a Remote Workforce

Policy Perspectives
SNAP Benefit Cuts to Affect Millions of Food-Insecure People

Children and Families Forum

Aging Advocate